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Gerryn Energy was created out of 10 years of determination and dedication to the fight against global warming.  We pride ourselves on being a full service electrical shop with a vision of a greener tomorrow.

Personal Bio

Gerry Jones, pronounced with a hard “G”, is a Portland OR native with a ten year background in the solar industry. Leading projects scaling from small residential, to large commercial, you will get an electrician with extensive experience in a range of fields. Community driven and family oriented, everyday I go out with the goal of Making my family proud and being a positive role model to the future generation of tradespeople to follow. I only do work that I am proud to stand by, with key attention to safety, resulting in what I believe to be a positive customer experience. The only way to help ensure this planet’s healthy future is to do my part as an advocate for the fight against global warming.

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Feel free to give us a call, text or send us an email.   info@gerrynenergy.com

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