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Customer purchases the material for the installation and Gerryn Energy makes the trip 10% convenience fee 

Gerryn Energy purchases material and customer reimburses and makes the trip 20% convenience fee

Initial trip
150.00/hr w/ 2hr minimum fee that will be applied to the job if accepted

Part runs during the installation
.75 cents/mile as well as 10% convenience fee

4% for rewards cards and 3% for others for processing fees.

Free 15 minute phone consultations!

150.00/hr w/ 2hr minimum

Surcharges for hazard pay, concealed work, long conduit runs, multiple stories, roof pitch over 32 deg

Other service fees to be determined with bid

All LED lighting options(specializing in recessed), change outlets, trim work, panel change, service upgrades, ADU’s, solar maintenance, energy upgrade options (Tesla), EV charging (surcharge for concealed work)

Panel Changes3-4k

Service Upgrades 5-8k

Electrical maintenance work 150/hr

Dryer plugs 150.00/hr 

Attic fans 150.00/hr 

Disconnects 150.00/hr 

Water heater 150.00/hr 

EV Charging 150.00/hr +applicable surcharge

ESS (Tesla Powerwall) TBD

Solar maintenance TBD

All prices may have additional surcharges for concealed work, conduit runs over 50 ft, hazardous situations, pitches over 32 degrees, houses over 2 stories and system sizes over 12 kw. 

A 4% convenience for rewards credit cards and 3% for all other

Trip fees 

Food carts 150.00/hr 

Solar maintenance